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Pennsylvania’s Lost Amusement Parks
Pennsylvania’s Lost Amusement Parks
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Pennsylvania’s Lost Amusement Parks

This production of “Pennsylvania’s Lost Amusement Parks” contains the films “Rediscover the Excitement - West View Park”, “Life was a Lark at Willow Grove Park”, and “Amusement Park Memories”.

Originally released in 1991, “Life was a Lark at Willow Grove Park” and “Rediscover The Excitement - West View Park” by Chuck Russell and Ron Keller take a nostalgic look at two of America’s greatest amusement parks from their inception, into the golden era of the 1950’s and up to their closing and tragic demolition. The third film, “Amusement Park Memories” is a compilation film by Chuck Russell which contains never before seen footage of the great old amusement parks in the United States.

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